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Cesena Campus

Cesena Campus is part of the Faculty of Agriculture - University of Bologna. In the early nineties, the University of Bologna adopts a Multi-Campus structure to allow a wider training course and to improve the functioning and quality of life of the university community. The Campus of Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini are set up, to which the University recognizes specific forms of autonomy. In 1992 the Faculty of Agriculture extended towards Romagna by establishing a five-year degree in Food Science and Technology and placed it in Cesena, nationwide one of the most technologically advanced food districts. The credit of the Faculty of Agriculture was to understand not only the importance of producing knowledge in the preservation of the environment and health, but also of knowing how to preserve and transform the products of animal and vegetable origin intended for human consumption, without modifying the nutritional value. This approach allows to deal with all aspects of food: from harvest to consumption
Site of Cesena