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Wi-Fi Areas

Characteristics and access methods to the ALMAWIFI, the free WiFi wireless connection to the University network.

ALMAWIFI is the name of the University of Bologna web allowing students, professors, researchers, technical and administrative staff, PhD students and collaborators of the University of Bologna to access the Internet and the on-line services of the university directly from their own mobile devices, using a WiFi connection (802.11) to the university network.

Who can use the service.

The service is available to teaching staff, students, technical and administrative staff, research fellows, PhD students and accredited collaborators of the University of Bologna. Access to the service is strictly personal.

Service Features.

To ensure simple, widespread access to the ALMAnet, Internet and online services, Cesia - Computer Service Center has developed a safe model for using the WiFi service called ALMAWIFI.

The ALMAWIFI network is already running in some university facilities, particularly to cover those areas where traditional cabling is difficult or where the Internet connection has to be guaranteed to a large number of users (libraries, laboratories, public access areas, etc.).

The system involves the authenticated access only to those with DSA credentials according to a certified system which uses the WPA protocol to protect the traffic generated by the users.

How to access the service

The safety certificate for access to the ALMAWIFI wireless network has been updated. To bring your connection up to date on your devices, you need to cancel the existing profile for the AlmaWiFi network and create a new one.

Should system configuration so require, the server radius is “”, with a certificate issued by Terena via the AddTrust External CA Root Certification Authority. You may check and if necessary install the certification chain via the Catena di certificazione Terena link, which works on all systems.